Summer reads

Hey there,

I’m currently sitting in my mother’s kitchen with some free time on my hands. The kids are busy with their toys and I’m waiting for my mom to text me what time she’ll be at the train station. My kindle is recharging, so continuing on my Kasie West sprint has to wait for a bit. I’m pleasantly surprised by this, for me, new author. She writes cute and fluffy romance books that draw you in and then leaves you with a happy glow afterwards. It’s kind of the same feeling I get after reading Stephanie Perkins trilogy that starts with Anna and the French Kiss.

So far I’ve read 2 of her books in as many days, only reading in the evenings when my kids have gone to bed. On The Fence is probably my favorite compared to By Your Side, but I really liked them both. I started reading The Distance Between Us this morning before my Kindle gave up on me.

Now I’m taking my kids out for some ice cream (Gotta love summer!). Have a nice day! 🙂